High Chair



The High Chair is based on Carola’s chair, designed by Mr. Pilates. It is two design generations removed from the wheelchair, which Mr. Pilates outfitted with arm and leg springs. It has a high, deep seat back and upper metal frame which has spring attachments for arm and leg work. The original repertoire for both seated and standing work was practiced by the entire client population at Carola’s studio as part of a daily workout. This chair affords a different range of motion than Wunda Chair. Features include: Wide pedal with larger surface area Handles extending from pedal Longer pedal arms for increased range of motion Resting Pillow The Deborah Lessen Pilates High Chair offers two models, the Deluxe and the Basic. Basic Model As Shown: $2800.00 Deluxe Model: $3300.00 The Deluxe Model’s additional packaging includes: 1 – Rolldown Bar 1 – FootBar 2 – Leg Springs with Straps

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